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The Parentage

The Parentage

28 X 45'


During the war Kaenapa was hit by a car, she was injured and had amnesia. The school Principal helped her and her baby - KOM. Kaenapa worked at the school in exchange for Korn’s education. The one thing she remembers is the canry song - she started to recover her memory when she sang the song at a farewell party but died before she could say anything. Pitt who tried to find Kaenapa for many years, took Kom in. He brought Kom to the Puttachart House and had asked Rungsun to care for her. Pitt proposed an offer that Rungsun cannot turn down. Before he left, he ask his cousin - Chartsiam, to look over Kom while he is away. Kom waited for many years for Pitt to come back and safe her from the Puttachart House....not knowing Pitt had died a long time ago. The letters she’s been receiving from Pitt is actually from Chartsiam. When she almost turn 20, the truth is revealed that she is Rangsun’s daughter and got the heritage. This was the reason why Pitt placed Kom at Puttachart. Everyone around Kom are fighting for the money and estate. Meanwhile, Chartsiam had to go abroad and had asked Kom to wait for him. Will this wait be long? Find out in “The Parentage.”


Krissada Pornweroj, Nutcha Jeka, Ruangsak Loychusak, Arisara Thongborisut, Krittaporn Hanyothin, Ornjira Kaewsawang