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28 X 45'


Arkee Pana and Kongdetch are sworn brothers, raised by the same master - Mun, who is the best in black magic. The story begins with Kongdetch’s greed and jealousy, he wants the Sa-ming oil and dagger that Master Mun gave to Arkee. Kongdetch frames Arkee as a sa-ming (shape shifter) and was to be buried alive. Arkee gave the 2 things to his wife and asked her to escape with their son, Pakin. In the woods, a tiger tried to attack both mother and son. Luckily, Pana helped them in time but to had to give the sa-ming oil to the injured Pakin. Sa-ming oil can safe a human’s life but it has life changing effects....he will become Lycanthrope (tiger shape shifter) forever. Pana gives Pakin a necklace that could prevent him from changing his form into a lycan (tiger). While growing up Pakin works for Ployrumpa’s father. He and Ployrumpa are in love but Roonglada is secretly in love with Pakin. When Roonglada's father hired someone to harm Ployrumpa, Pakin turned into a lycan to safe Ployrumpa. From the moment he turned, everyone knows he is superhuman. what is to be of Pakin and Ployrumpa? Will they be hunted down? See the future story of “Lycanthrope.”


Sittha Sapanuchart, Nutcha Jeka, Aerin Yuktadatta, Peerakorn Phoorasert