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14 x 105'


A love story of devotion and support,where the truth must save lives and the family business.

These twin brothers are both talented. While Pran is a a young enthusiastic executive, Pranon (or 'Non') is a volunteer rural doctor. Non lives his life in a simple way as a doctor in the countryside at Doi Pha Mok in the north of Thailand. Pattarin works in the financial department of a company and was accused of embezzlement. In fact, Pattarin know that Thanat, her boyfriend is the person who took the company's money. The head of the company forces her to sign a document promising to return the 17 million baht to avoid prosecution. Pran asks Anna to investigate the truth about the case but, on the way, they are attacked by a group of villians. Pran is shot, and has to be admitted to the ICU of a local hospital. Pattarin goes back to her hometown, Doi Pha Mok, but tells her mother that she resigned from the company and just wants to help her work in the field. Her mother doesn't know that she was terminated from the company. Pattarin is persuaded to marry Non, as he learns the truth about her problem at the company. In return, Non promises to help clear her debt. With the blessing of Pattarin's mother, they get married and Pattarin moves to live with Non, Over time, they fall in love, Pattarin becomes his wife both legally and emotionally. After Pran recovers from his wounds, he has partial amnesia: he can remember Anna but not the others. Anna goes to Chiang Mai and requests Non to go to Bangkok to help Pran manage the family business. Non, agreed, but they made a plan that Pran has a car accident, and the situation causes Pattarin to misunderstand and she was extremely sorry because she never has a chance to tell him that she loves him. Pran and doctor Non swap together. Dr. Non becomes a businessman and Pran becomes a doctor. Life of the twins and the 2 ladies get very confusing and they all have to find their own paths of love.


Nadech Kugimiya, Natapohn Tameeruks, Patricia Tanchanok Good, Suriyont Arunwattanakul