GMA ACQUIRES 5 THAI DRAMAS FROM JKN GLOBAL MEDIA PLC, that marks its second package deal.

Regional content management and distribution company, JKN Global Public Company Limited, is happy to announce it has concluded a five-title deal with GMA Philippines. 

The five titles were produced by BEC World Thailand for Thai terrestrial service, Channel 3.

Five of the series will be broadcast in 2021. The five titles are “My Husband in Law,” Thong Ek – the Herbal Master” “Game of Affection,” “Prophecy of Love,” and “Mr. Merman.”

Information on the acquired content:

My Husband in Law

Starring: Mark Prin Suparat and Mew Nittha Jirayungyurn

Tiarawat, a talented and successful architect, got himself in deep water when he got involved with a married woman.  The situation becomes more complicated when her husband is the son of an influential man who wants him killed.  To get himself out of the predicament, he has to quickly enter into a sham marriage with his childhood friend Nateerin (Mei).   Nateerin is a sweet, girl next door that’s opposite to the type of girl he likes.  All is well until he discovered that Mei has a crush on him.  How can he get himself out of this make-believe marriage without sacrificing her feelings as he knows unrequited love could wreak havoc on her conscience?

Award: Mark Prin won Best Male Lead in TV Programme, ContentAsia Awards 2020

Thong Ek – The Herbal Master

Starring: Mario Maurer and Kimberley Anne Woltemas

Some 100 years ago during the reign of King Rama V, a kind doctor with knowledge of herbal medicine has been offering treatment to villagers for many years. When a patient dies, the doctor, Thong In, flees to Tha Chaloang to escape blame. His grandson, Thong Ek wishes to follow in his footsteps. But Thong In strongly opposes his grandson’s choice. Thong Ek faces many challenges in overcoming his family’s objections. By chance, he meets Chaba, the beautiful daughter of a nobleman, who differs from others in her class because she prefers martial arts to traditional household chores. She wants to study herbal medicine alongside Thong Ek and gradually falls for him. But Thong Ek only has eyes for a woman named Pong. Things don’t work out the way they expect, so join these characters in this romantic comedy that will bring a smile to your face.

Game of Affection

Starring: James Jirayu and Taew Nathapohn

Muanchanok (Nok) is a beautiful and precocious young lady who was so heartbroken when her parents got divorced.  Her father remarried to a former beauty queen who is about the same age as Nok, while her mother is dating younger men.  She is determined to bring her family back again, but she has some challenges and unexpected encounters.  To make matters worse, she was forced to marry Lakkhanai (Nai), who is an orphan but smart and trusted by her parents.  Nok became angrier when she found out that Nai used to date her stepmother.  Suddenly, her life is turned upside down, but she is not giving up and will do her best to get what she wants, even if she has to play the dangerous game of affection where no one really wins.

Prophecy of Love

Starring: James Jirayu and Ice Preechaya

Rosita suffered from a bad accident and was unconscious in a life and death situation when mysteriously, she was saved by an old French woman, who gives her the gift of clairvoyance.  In return, Rosita was supposed to help others with her special gift in reading their destiny by touching a rose.  Her nemesis is Theerut, a superstar that she just does not see eye-to-eye.  They are like oil and water. 

At an event, Rosita was asked to do a reading of 6 celebrities by touching each rose that they selected and she develops shocking visions of their dark secrets as well as her own destiny in love.  She didn’t think much of it and brush it aside as in her reading, she found herself falling in love with Theerut, her nemesis.  When her life is in danger, her survival depends on how she deals with Theerut.  Are they able to put their differences aside?  Does fate have a twist waiting for them?

Mr. Merman

Starring: Tara Tipa and Phulita Supinchompoo

Two scientists are trying to find any evidence to prove that merpeople are real. The three male leads, who are all mermen, are trying to figure out whom the two scientists are and why they want to prove that merpeople are real, so they investigate quietly in an aquarium. The longer they stay, the further they get involved with humans, especially beautiful young girls. One day Fahfon went for a party on a yacht and fell into the sea, she was saved by Talay, one of the mermen, who tried to breathe air into her mouth under the water. But when a merman kisses someone on the lips, that person they kiss will turn into a mermaid. So Fahfon turns into a mermaid and Talay is helping her to understand more about merpeople and making sure she does not expose their secret.  Things are getting more confusing for them to keep their secret and get away from people who are after them. 

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