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28 x 42’


Tian, a self-centered and moody Maithong Siam conglomerate owner, is extremely particular when choosing his daughters-in-law and no one dares oppose his tyrannical edict, not even his wife, Liw. He arranged his second and third son's marriage while his eldest got away with the excuse that he wanted to focus on running the family's business first. The youngest son, Traiwit, works as a police officer, and Tian decides to arrange an engagement for Traiwit out of fear that his youngest son might choose a fiancée himself. Traiwit could only delay the arrangement as he was sent to deal on a drug-dealing case near the northeast village. Looking suspicious, Traiwit was surrounded by Fahsai and the villagers. He hides his identity at first and tries to save her from harm. Traiwit comes up with a plan and asks Fahsai for help. If she agrees to register a temporary marriage with him, he will pay the tuition fees for her master's degree and have all the silk products from the villagers bought by Maithong Siam. Fahsai agrees to the lucrative deal and fakes a relationship with Traiwit. Unfortunately, it won't be that easy to be a daughter-in-law to someone like Tian. She is about to enter into a different war! The Daughter-in-War!


Kanin Stanley (Ohm), Prima Bhuncharoen (Prim), Sakolrat Puntace (Singto), Trinnaya Morson (Kat), Krittakan Prasitpanich (Paint), Chanidapa Pongsilpipat (Best)