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Darkness Curse

Darkness Curse

33 X 45'


A strange thing happened in a far flung rural village...the villagers saw a fire floating in the rice field. Shocked and scared, the villagers ran away in abject terror. However, TRINRIT, an archaeological researcher who is on a historical study trip in the village ran after the floating fire until it disappeared without a trace but he was able to video record it. This clip instantly went viral on social media. Some believe that it is the “Krasue Ghost” but the academic researcher refuse to believe so but could not explain otherwise. NALIN, a curator in the art department, receives a call asking her to return home to see her gravely ill grandmother - YAI PIAN, before she dies. When Nalin arrived, she saw Yai Pian in excruciating pain. At night, Nalin suddenly feels a burning sensation in her body and later found out that Yai Pian had also died that same night. Nalin returned to her normal life in Bangkok but strange things keep coming into her life - her neck started itching, rumours of a floating fire is seen around her place, there was blood stains on a cloth hanger, a trail of dead pets with missing internal organs were found.... Rumors spread wildly, that a group of researchers had to investigate the strange occurences. IS IT THE GHOST OF KRASUE or RELATED TO NALIN? FIND OUT IN “DARKNESS CURSE."


Krissada Pornweroj, Chalita Suansane, Napassakorn Mitrteeraroj, Atichanan Seesaywok