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Curse of Swan

Curse of Swan

28 X 45'


Made in the 2222 bc, the Swan Suwan Pusa fabric is a 200 year old swan-design blood-dyed silk made with real gold threads. lt is the most exquisite of weaving works by Anyang Hook Thong during the reign of King Suriyawongsamiggaraj's of the Lan Chang Kingdom. This fabric has a hidden mystery....its owners often dream about a black skinned woman being executed. Anyang Hook Thong was executed when she tried to assassinate Srisaard for his blood to dye the piece of fabric, but it’s her blood that had stain-dyed the fabric instead - her spirit is "attached" to it. The fabric was abandoned, given to another kingdom as a gift as it is considered as cursed. More than 200 years passed, the fabric was handed from generation to generation. When Sa-ang saw the fabric, she wanted it and took it from her sister, Sa-ard. Sa-ang proudly wore it many times as she feels that she has power over everyone when she wears it. The more Sa-ang holds on to the fabric, the more enraged and jealous she becomes. Will Sa-Ang end up like Anyang Hook Thong? Find out more on the story of jealousy in “Curse of Swan.”


Nitidol Pomsuwan, Wanchana Sawatdee, Suteewan Taveesin, Kullamas Limpawutwaranon, Cholrudee Amornluk, Nusba Punnakanta, Pete Thongchia, Pakkaramai Potranan, Peerakorn Phoorasert