ContentAsia Summit: The Social Distance Edition 27-28 August 2020

ContentAsia Summit: The Social Distance Edition

27-28 August 2020

The annual CONTENTASIA SUMMIT, the leading conference for the premium video entertainment industry in Asia, takes place on 27-28 August
We’re going for a virtual world that will run live across two days, with two simultaneous conference tracks from the JKN Global Media Auditorium and the ContentAsia Awards Theatre, screenings at The Viu Screening Room, people to meet and talk to, studios and distributors to visit on our Exhibition Floor, and information you can access live or download from our Resource Centre and Video Vault.
Plus the inaugural ContentAsia Awards on the evening of Friday, 28 August. More info at
The ContentAsia Summit World will be open 24/7 for a month after the live event, with sessions on-demand, reports, data, insights and a wealth of intelligence to fill delegates’ virtual “swag bag”. Plus there is animated entry experience; at this stage of the pandemic, we reckon it’s a good time to bring on the gimmicks. And we could, so we did.

The Theme: Spread The Love

This year’s ContentAsia Summit plays against a backdrop of all things unprecedented – the highest engagement with video entertainment in history, the most disrupted business and production environment anyone can remember, the speediest uptake of digital services ever, crushing volumes of user data, the crashing end of some streaming dreams, the beginning of an epic battle between global giants and the new wave of regional streamers in Asia, and a content arms race for Asian stories that is already putting local studios under enormous pressure to deliver.
Our theme this year is SPREAD THE LOVE because after the past six months and what could be a brutal next six or more, we’re all having to tap new ways of making things happen… and that means a new age of collaboration, co-development, co-production and whatever other sharing we can load into the conversation to drive opportunities. The ultimate aim is to drive take up of and engagement with content in Asia.