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23 x 105'


Rising Sun I: Takeshi Onitsuka is the youngest son from the powerful family of Chibu - the port city of Japan. He never aspired to take charge of his family after his father. Instead, he wants to have freedom to travel around the world and do whatever he wants. He feels he needs no one to protect him, and he wants to fulfill his desires. Yet, he is destined to learn every trick to manipulate his enemies’ businesses, including a mafia gang who has always bullied him since he was a youngster, and this causes him to be a quiet and cold-blood man. One day, a girl comes into his life and changes his heart forever. Praewdao, or Seiko, is a Thai student who won a scholarship to study in Japan for a master’s degree in Economics at the same university where Takeshi is enrolled. Takeshi follows her silently everywhere she goes but he cannot tell her that he has feelings for her because he has a relationship with Aiko, the daughter of his father’s best friend - Riki, who comes from another powerful family in Japan. They are engaged to each other and are scheduled to be married according to tradition. But he has never loved Aiko since she has rough and rude behavior. How can this love be harmonized?

Rising Sun II:Ryo Onitsuka is a man who is indifferent to love. He has never pursued a relationship with Mayumi, the girl that his uncle has arranged for him to wed. Actually, he has secretly kept track of her life for the past seven years. In his heart, he has only Mayumi. But Mayumi believes Ryo doesn’t love her, so she refuses strongly when he finally proposes marriage. The young Yakuza lets her down. Especially when the competitor is a powerful police officer. He must announce to the world that she is only his girl. At the same time, the problem among the Koekugaku groups has come back again. This time, opponents will eliminate him completely. The test is hard to overcome. He must win the final battle of love and dignity!


Mario Maurer, Natapohn Tameeruks, Nadech Kugimiya, Urassaya Sperbund, Swiss Techaphuwanon, Suriyont Arunwattanakul, Napapa Tantrakul